Swamp Shack Trading Company

From the murky depths of southern Louisiana's swamp country, emerges a snack with authentic Bayou Boil Flavor. Swamp Shack Trading Company produces a unique flavor by blending cajun and creole spices for the Ultimate flavor. These spices date back to the 1700's when pirogues, swamp shacks and trading posts were vital lifelines for early cajun settlers.

Throughout history, the region in and around New Orleans is renowned for producing some of the finest dining in the world. This region is a melting pot of cultures which have collaborated to create the most incredible flavors available. At Swamp Shack, we have blended our Original Bayou Boil Flavor to reflect this regions best influences.

Our Original Bayou Boil Flavor brings you the ultimate New Orleans boiled seafood experience. Spiced just right, Swamp Shack Trading Company's premium roasted low sodium sunflower seeds deliver the New Orleans flavor you expect.

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